Breakthrough Basketball Summer Camps

July 16-18 & August 13-15


Get ready to level up your game at The Box! Breakthrough Basketball is back with TWO explosive camps: Ball Handling & Scoring Camp or Shooting & Ball Handling Camp! Elevate your skills with expert coaches pushing you to the limit. Don’t miss out – join the revolution now!


Ball Handling & Scoring Camp

July 16-18

Age Group: Grade 3 to 8, Boys and Girls

This is a youth and middle school camp for players looking to develop better scoring moves and better ball handling and playmaking ability. You improve your scoring, ball handling, shooting, passing, athleticism, footwork, decision-making, and 1 on 1 moves to take your game to the next level.

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Shooting & Ball Handling Camp

August 13-15

Age Group: Grade 7 to 12, Boys and Girls

Develop high-level scoring moves that will keep defenders off-balance and give yourself the advantage no matter where you are on the floor. This intensive camp teaches you the pillars to becoming a complete offensive player who can score at will against even the tightest defenses. Whether you’re looking to dominate the competition or simply make the team, this camp will take your game to the next level before next season starts.

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